Monday, January 18, 2010

The Story So Far...

I'm not really accustom to sitting down and writing out my thoughts in an order that other people can read, and understand them, so bear with me.

I'd kinda like to write out what has happened over the past two years before I go on. A lot of important events have taken place during that time, and I kinda want to get that out there before I go on.

Where I've been, and where I'm at now:

Two years ago my life was pretty much as low as it had ever been. The year prior to that I was working one of the best jobs (as far as pay goes) that I had ever had.

I was working at a mine as a lab tech making $28+ and hour, and working 12 hour days. Life wasn't really great despite the fact that I was making great money, but at the time that was ok with me because at least I had money.

About six or seven months before I gave up on just about everything my girlfriend of four years had just dumped me for another man. The relationship itself wasn't really that satisfying, but it was the longest relationship I had ever been in, so I figured that had to count for something.

Shortly after she dumped me I found myself visiting bars quite often, and after a while I lost interest in other people, so instead of hours and hours at the bar, I spent a great deal of time alone in my room drinking myself unconscious.

I lost my job mostly due to my drinking, and spent the better part of a year living in my parents basement slowly drinking myself to death, and not caring one way or the other.

About the only times I came out of the basement was to hang out with my friend Josh, and I can't really say that was too healthy because during those times we were high on one drug or another.

I guess it was the spring of 2008 when I first tried to get myself out of the hole I had dug. It all started when a girl I had dated back in high school moved back to McGill. We had reconnected and decided to give it another shot despite the face that she had two kids, and neither of us had held down a job in a while.

That lasted about seven months, and after she dumped me for another guy I ended up back in my parents basement with a drinking problem, a drug problem, and more bitterness then any one person should have at any given point in time.

In January of 2009 after about a month of slowly killing myself, and ending up in jail 3 times, my parents decided they couldn't carry me anymore. I got out of jail for the third time, and my parents showed up at the jail with all my stuff packed, picked me up, and dropped me off six hours later at a rehab program in Reno Nevada.

The rehab program didn't really work out that well for me because... of a lot of reasons. In retrospect, honestly I didn't want it at the time.

After trying a few times on my own, and landing flat on my face I found a group of people that had the same problem. They said they could help me, so I gave it a shot (mostly because I didn't have anything to louse.) With a lot of help from these people, I ended up finding a grove that I could maintain.

Over the past 12 months I've managed to find a job that works, a place to live, and a great girlfriend that's worth every moment I have with her....

I have things I can be grateful for, so I think for the rest of the day I'm gonna focus on that.

Thanks for reading if you did, I'll write more later and hopefully in an easier to understand format.

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