Thursday, January 21, 2010

All My Troubles Seemed So Far Away


For the past four day's I've been in a bad mood. Each day is worst then the last and I can see it's starting to wearing on Alisha, and what's worse is that it's making me miserable.

Most of my bad mood can be contributed to my work situation, which is kind of upsetting because there really isn't anything I can do about it.

The most recent issue that's come up is the fact that my bosses son decided to take most of this week off. The way it currently works is that I can only go to work while his sons there because... Well I'm not really sure why that is, but that's just how it works.

What's really getting to me about the situation is that I had to work for the beginning of January because I had an outrages power bill that I had to pay, then the few days that I got to work last week paid for some food and gas, this week was going to be kind of my overage week, which means that what ever I got paid this week was going to be kind of extra money that I didn't have to spend on bills, and I was going to save some of that money so that when rent comes due next week I wouldn't have to worry about it so much...

In the end all that means is that I'm going to have to work as many hours as I can next week to make sure I have rent.

For the most part I know what I'm doing. I'm worrying about the future even tho I know honestly there's nothing I can do about it.

I'm letting situations out of my control cause me suffering.

The jobs not really working out as well as it could, and altho that's upsetting the only thing I can really do about it is talk to my bosses son to see if we can work some of the problems out. If not I'll just find another job and life goes on.

So for the rest of today, and tomorrow I'm going to enjoy my days off. I'm going to stop worrying about money and future events that I can't do anything about and just enjoy the moment.

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