Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I forgot that I even had this blog, and I've been thinking recently that I'd like to start a blog.

I'd like to just continue writing this one, but a lot has happened in the year that I've been away from writing. Just to list a few of the changes:

1: I got married
2: My wife and I just had a child eight weeks ago.
3: I am a student employee and back on track to achieving my goal as a councilor. (Substance Abuse.)
4: I live in a completely different neighborhood.

I don't remember exactly who I've written about in the past on this blog, but most of those people are not really in my day to day life anymore. I am sure it would be confusing to just bring up a whole new list of people without describing them, but it seems more like an acceptable challenge than something that's impossible.

Still considering writing a blog.. Not sure if I'd pick up where I left off with this one or start a whole new one, but in the next few days I'll know for sure.