Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fight Club

Fight Club was a movie that came out back in 1995.
It was a movie about a guy that got involved in support groups because he was lonely I guess for a lake of better descriptive words.

For the most part, and this is just what I get when I watch the movie, but you kinda get this idea that the main character (who's name is never given) spent the first part of his life just doing what his father who divorced his mother when he was young, suggested that he do.

Finnish high school, go to college, get a job, get married.

The last suggestion from his father he didn't follow, and he makes the comment; "We're a generation of men, raised by women. I don't think another woman is what we need" to kind of justify not following that suggestion.

The beginning of the movie kind of paints the general idea of what his life is like. He lives in a condo by himself, and his hobbies are collecting and believing in "Versatile Solutions for Modern Living." A home exercise bike, dish sets, silverware, entertainment center, rugs, sofa, towels...
Crap we're told we should be interested in, because that's what real people are interested in..

The rest of the movie is about an imaginary friend he starts hanging out with, who changes his life and also partakes in a "mission" to change the world, regardless if the world wants it or not.

I think the biggest attraction I had for the movie came from the fact that I didn't want to become who the main character was at the beginning of the movie. I didn't want to be the guy that sat a lone in his condo all the time, and just wished that his life was different. I didn't want to be the guy that sat a lone on his couch watching TV and was convinced that something fun was going on some where. Something worth wild, and something worth living for was happening, and it was happening some where else.

With everything I've done to resist that, all the energy and focus I put into not becoming that guy, that's exactly who I've become. Only it's not a condo, it's a room that I'm renting from a friend that I met in a support group over a year ago. And I don't sit in front of a TV wishing my life was better, I sit in front of a computer wishing I could do something, or find some kind of answer as to why I hate my life, or prove to be useful in some why... Just some kind of meaning... something..

In the movie, the main character ran into some kind of imaginary friend... but that's just a movie.

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