Sunday, June 12, 2011

A day later then yesterday

So I'm getting back into my bible which is cool I think.  I told myself that I'd like to have the whole bible read in a year, and I fell back on doing that for a few months, but currently I'm picking it back up and getting it read a little bit everyday.
Not to say that I'm back on track at all, because I know as well as anybody else that I could fall away from it again, but God willing, I'll have it read from cover to cover soon. Right now I'm in Leviticus.... Not an exciting read, but good to be reading it.

Life is just being life. Ups, downs, and everything in between. Friends are getting into relationships, friends are staying in relationships, and friends relationships are falling apart. I'm not in contact with everybody that I was once in contact with, and I'm in contact with people that I wasn't in contact with before. Meetings come, meetings go, church and bible studies come, and go... and all the while I'm left with questions; some that where never answered, new ones that I'd like to seek answers for....

God, work, money, church, meetings, fellowships, relationships, duties, services... These are the things that make up my life, and I'm thankful to God for all of them, yet I don't understand most of them.. It's sad that my writings are so confusing, but I don't think they ever really were that understandable...
I said once, and I think it still holds true; "It doesn't matter if anybody else knows what your talking about... as long as you know what your talking about, that's all that matters." What's more then that is now I don't think it really matters what anybodies else thinks of you (me) as long as God is happy with you (me) then that's all that matters...

Sleep, church, work... maybe a meeting in between... That's what I've got in mind for tomorrow.

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