Sunday, June 12, 2011

12 points of spiritual reformation

This is gonna kind of be a personal thing, it's not that I think anybody else should follow the these suggestions or give any merit to the idea's listed, but I think for myself if I am gifted with the ability to follow them or shine light on what I'm talking about, they'll be helpful to me.

The twelve points are not new, they are older then me but talked about on a daily basis, and are as follows;

1.  ) Trustworthy
2.  ) Loyal
3.  ) Helpful
4.  ) Friendly
5.  ) Courteous
6.  ) Kind
7.  ) Obedient
8.  ) Cheerful
9.  ) Thrifty
10.) Brave
11.) Clean
12.) Reverent

I'm not saying that by any means I currently follow any of the suggested principles, but my hope is to after studying these twelve... things... to better understand what these twelve characteristics are like in practicable applications; and to hopefully obtain some kind of spiritual awareness...

My thought is that I can not consider myself to have truly achieved any kind of growth until the show of these characteristics in my daily life are apparent.

If they aren't, then I can't help but accept the fact that I'm still selfish, self serving, and self centered.  

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