Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Praise for God

     Recently I had a conversation with a friend about what it means to 'Praise God,' because we were having a conversation about corporate churches with paid pastors. My friend pointed out something that I misunderstood because when I hear the phrase 'giving praise to God' I immediately get this image in my head of standing in a building with a bunch of fellow believers, singing with the choir with our hands raise...

      I shared that with my friend, and he reminded me that doing that was only a single form of praise. It got me to thinking about how I don't do that, and I started to wonder how I do praise God if I don't do that.

     What I just thought about a moment ago was the fact that when I hear somebody talk about the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I feel this thing happen inside of me that is hard to explain. I feel like crying, or shouting "YES!" or doing something that feels so over the top that I can't put it into words. What's funny is that I've found recently that once I hear that truth, I want to share it with everybody. I want everybody to hear this truth that I just heard, hopping beyond hope that they get the same feeling...

     I think that may be another way of giving Praise to God, but not only God - Jesus too. Jesus, what he did, what he was all about, how he loved in ways that I could only hope to love one day. I think that's my soul giving Praise to God when I feel that... Who could ask for anything more then to feel their soul giving Praise to God? The very essence of ones being, crying out in joy to the truth of Jesus Christ, and his Father!

It's a little late, and I'm kind of tired. It was a long day, but I wanted to write something about that and publish it to the web before I went to sleep so that I can hopefully build on it later.

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