Sunday, November 27, 2011

Nothing New

I haven't written anything lately because nothing new is really going on. That isn't to say that there isn't something new happening all the time, but as far as my life goes it's kind of the same shit with slightly different events, yet the same result ever time.

The thought that at the end of our lives all we're gonna have are memories, it is a shame that these last few months aren't gonna be anything really worth remembering.

Somebody made a comment today as I was walking by them. They said "You don't look very happy," and my reply was "Typically I'm not." Last I asked myself "Why am I not happy? What's going on? Am I stuck in a 'I'll be happy when' rut that really doesn't have an end to it other then death?

I can either back track these past few months and try to figure out why I'm depressed, or just take the steps to get out of this "depression" and move on.
It's sad that I can't just answer the 'what are you gonna do?' question...

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