Thursday, February 17, 2011

Random Event

I woke up the two days ago and after weeks of nice warm weather, I looked outside to see that the ground was covered in snow again.
Because I live in Reno Nevada, it wasn't really shocking as much as it was kind of depressing.

I thought the largest effect it was gonna have on my life was the fact that I'd have to wait for the bus in the snow, which just means cold feet, but to my surprise I also got to experience something I've been wondering for the past few years. "What would it be like to get hit by a car on the bus?"

It wasn't really as life altering as I imagined it would be. The road was icy and the lady was following too closely, so when the bus stopped to drop somebody off, she ran into the back of us.
No body got hurt, everybody walked away good, the only damage was too the two vehicles thank God.

Just an interesting thing that happened outside of my expectations.

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